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I know what you're thinking - Yes, this is YET ANOTHER Good Morning Britain graphics mock, but it is aiming to expand on an idea that people seem to like in the Good Morning Britain thread.

Over recent weeks, Good Morning Britain have started using more 'square' graphics in certain places. I really like this as it fits in with ITV News a lot better. My mock aims to bring square graphics elsewhere to other graphics in the show, such as the headline graphics.

Some of the graphics, such as the opener will remain the same, as I feel that the current opener to the show is quite good.

Another thing I have worked on is the wipes. I am aiming to bring a more consistent design to the wipes, for example, the headline, live, vote 2016 and breaking news wipes all wipe to the shape of the Good Morning Britain logo.

Here's the video:

I have been working on these graphics on and off since last year, but I came back to them around 3 weeks ago to build on ideas and put all of the graphics together. There are some slight alignment issues with the 'Vote 2016' headlines which I will sort in the next version. I have used the headlines along with some video and audio from Friday's show (Television Memories, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KcZfmsNC7c).
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Either change all of it or none of it, not bits here and there, as the result is often a strange hotchpotch of conflicting ideas. The rectangular lower thirds clash with the curvature of the logo and transitions; the text alignment on the straps is off; the squared crossword-style backdrop behind the politicians looks far too rudimentary; the extended clock strap doesn't quite work either.

I'd appreciate the somewhat crude execution if the idea was good. But like I've said before - the graphics are the least of Good Morning Britain's worries. Not one of the billions of mocks posted on here have ever improved on what is already in use.
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Over the past month, I have been applying your feedback to these graphics to fix the unbalanced issue. The logo is now square and the astons are now aligned but the animations aren't finished so I won't be posting those today.

Today I'm posting a ITV News style close for GMB. The aim of this is to end the show with credits, rather than just handing straight over to Lorraine.

I have used the ITV News & Current Affairs endcap as this is an ITV Studios production, not an ITV News production.
Background video used: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NRf13Xssws
Don't like it personally, it gives the show that sterile ITV News look. It doesn't go well with me. Breakfast show should have a warm feeling about it. Saying that, I know it's just the end credits.
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Doesn't work at all. If credits were necessary it would probably be best if they ran at the end of Lorraine for both shows.

The aim of this mock is to strengthen the link between GMB and ITV News and weaken the link between GMB and Lorraine. ITV News has end credits and that's what I'm trying to align GMB with, so adding end credits makes sense.

End credits and an endcap would give GMB a proper end rather than handing straight over to Lorraine.
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Here is a preview of an upcoming update. I have made improvements from your suggestions and comments. For now, I am posting one picture which gives an preview of the upcoming changes.

Improvements made:
• Changed shape of logo to a square to match the rest of my graphics.
• Reduced clock width to match logo width.
• Added weather widget (ITV Weather colour). This will show weather from each ITV Region and will also show times for local news, entertainment, and sport bulletins.
• Improved overall alignment of graphics.

News story aston:

I will be posting a video of all of my updates in a few weeks when I have finished creating the titles.
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