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While taking a break from my Box Plus recreation collection, I decided to have a go at the current set of graphics used on Good Morning Britain. Right now, this post highlights the TOTH, however this is only because of my idiocy and accidentally deleting everything I made so far except for the breaking news strap.

I then wanted to experiment with special graphics, therefore this mock/recreation hybrid was made...

(Credit to TVArchive)

I next wanted to see how the TOTH would actually work if GMB didn't change it for Election and Referendum results, here I made the logical progression from not very pleasant 'shuddery' video wipes to stopmotion-esque animations...

(Credit to rob/TVLive)

Now, I can't post this without saying my original inspiration for this gallery thread... GMB Today, originally my idea started when for the first show they used the source credit graphics to highlight the songs playing when coming back from a break. I had the idea of swapping this with a graphic like like the straps, my idea is what happened the next day...

Not sure whether this could happen in real life, but I associated my 'Now Playing' strap with Spotify, but as I say, I don't know whether that could actually happen. I also experimented with using the music videos of the songs used, in a similar way to Sunday Brunch...

And finally, I wanted to see how it would work if GMB Today had a opening like GMB (and like Lorraine's), rather than using the generic coming up straps...

I hope you like my progress so far, as this project was used as a break from my Box Plus stuff, updates on this won't be as frequent, but when I have little breaks after completing new videos for the Box Plus set, I may make little improvements on this and work on split-screens and the like (I'd like to note that part of the lost work did include sidebar graphics (e.g. contact us, etc.) and wipes).
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Outstanding work as always PATV! Shame you deleted some of your work - it would have been nice to see the rest of your creation. I particularly like the textured/animated wipes and straps etc. for the Oscars version which looks really great and adds a nice little extra touch. I also like your use of the TOTH straps for the GMB Today opener as opposed to the coming up straps which they used during the run. Overall, as I said before, great work!!
PATV Scunthorpe765 posts since 2 Sep 2014
Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Thanks TVFan2017 and UBox.

As I said, I accidentally deleted the file. I was exporting a slide, therefore I temporarily deleted all of them but the one I needed, doing this caused PowerPoint to crash, luckily PowerPoint recovered the original, the autorecover and the state it crashed in... me being me, I saved the recovered version, therefore everything else was lost as I only saved the slide I wanted to export in the first place.
“Nostalgia’s cool, but it won’t help me now, the dream is good, if you don’t wear it out.”
PATV Scunthorpe765 posts since 2 Sep 2014
Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Thank you. Created, as always, in PowerPoint, but each element is exported and chroma-keyed into Sony Movie Studio to piece it all together.

When you say 'each element' is it each stripe, or animation of the group of stripes across the screen, etc? Very impressive either way.

It depends because as long as I understand what's going on, then the process can be as complicated as I want, for example, the TOTH information is one whole slide, fairly simple...

while the GMB Today animation is much more complex, the letters were green with a black background, the green was replaced with the gradient, the small line which goes across the 'T' and 'GMB' letters (plus the lens flare)... I then rendered this which left me with the letters (now with gradient. etc.) and a black background.

I then chromakey out the black leaving (the gradient letters) and add the white and orange lines (https://up.metropol247.co.uk/PATV%20Scunthorpe/gmbtoday1.png (the two different colours are separate videos since for the white lines, I can tick an option which only shows the masks for whatever is remaining after chroma-keying and makes it purely white (https://up.metropol247.co.uk/PATV%20Scunthorpe/gmbtoday2.png).

If you don't understand half of that, it's alright, I don't think the majority of people would to be honest.
“Nostalgia’s cool, but it won’t help me now, the dream is good, if you don’t wear it out.”
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