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Brand new, updated graphics. (April 2015)

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NB. Video is available in HD, the quality really does improve.

So for this design I've tried to incorporate the ITV News brand into the design more. I've also added a weather bug, which runs until 8am, but is switched off for breaking news to allow the viewer to quickly digest what has just appeared. The 'Get Involved' stack appears at the end of relevant stories (#SelfieEsteem for example). The local news bug and the coming up weather bug appear at the TOTH and during the headlines. Logo and clock are 4:3 safe, along with the main strap. Weather bug is out of 16:9, but isn't an essential graphic. This design is different to what I've presented before, I think there is an improvement. I haven't shown much of this design, I have more, but there's no point if this design doesn't go down well. If it does, I'll develop it. If not, I'll take on the feedback to create a new design. Constructive criticism is always appreciated.


bilky asko
Was there a reason that you've posted your mock in a new thread, when you already have one?

Anyway, as you seem to have ignored a good proportion of the advice given before, here's a bullet point list of what is wrong with your mock.

  • It is highly unoriginal
  • It doesn't improve upon the current graphics in any way
  • The logo is too small in comparison to the rest of the graphics
  • The rest of the graphics has text that is too large, with the exception of the subtitle on the main strap, which is far too small
  • The ITV News logo is too big wherever it appears
  • The stack on the right isn't properly aligned, has variable gaps between each level in the stack, and looks like it is creeping into the overscan area
  • The four-way name strap doesn't match the other straps used
  • Nothing animates onto or off the screen cleanly, appearing behind other elements in a distracting way
  • The stack disappears at the one time where having access to other news and information is going to be the most useful - when Breaking News is dominating
  • The stack, with the social media information on screen, is far too big
  • The ticker is far too slow, and the text isn't aligned within it properly
  • The clock text is bigger than the ticker text, and so looks wrong
  • Watching in HD doesn't improve the mock as promised - it makes the issues more obvious

These are just things I have noticed after watching the video twice.
Don't do anymore. That's it.......
CammyM98 and JamesTV gave kudos
Don't do anymore. That's it.......

I agree. If you aren't going to make something amazing then don't bother posting it on here.
A good try. I don't like the "BREAKING NEWS" aston that takes up the whole screen, and some of the movement seems out of order (e.g. the "Get Involved" slide - the title should appear first, then the contact details).

3 stars, a very good improvement but it needs a bit more work.

Also, why did you put this in a new thread? The original is more than sufficient.
Actually, after comparing this to the current design I have changed my mind. It looks a lot better than the current one. I think the GMB logo needs to be bigger though.

I take back my comment yesterday, but seeing this design and the current design side by side has made me rethink this Smile

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