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Lee1,512 posts since 16 Sep 2003
Anglia (East) Look East

With GMB launching Monday there are already a few mocks here, so I'm adding to it!

These are mainly straps, a 2-way graphic plus closing ident at the end. No sound, sorry. I guess there's some influence from GMTV, some from Daybreak, some from what we've already seen of GMB over the past few days. Didn't want to go down the obvious route of using the logo shape for the astons (like GMTV 2009).
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fanoftv8,386 posts since 4 Jan 2003
Central (West) Midlands Today
Very nice Lee. Lovely animations. My only concern is that the clock could get lost with it being relatively small, and the viewers attention going to the straps. Like somebody has mentioned in the forum, maybe the clock could replace the 'Good Morning Britain' text inside the tear drop shape - with the text replacing when a caption first comes onto the screen.

Nice wipes, and nice integration of the landscape view and the teal.
Lee1,512 posts since 16 Sep 2003
Anglia (East) Look East
Thanks for the comments. The clock is always married to the logo and I wanted to break that up. I wanted the logo to stand on its own without anything attached to it. It's a good idea to have the clock and logo in the same place and alternate when a strap comes on, whether they'll be brave enough to do that is another question. I initially started this mock with an analogue clock in the teardrop. Perhaps I'll work on a version 2 at some point.

I have something else. I wasn't overly impressed with the little bumper they've been using on their website - mainly the rings. The impressive backdrop doesn't fit well with the flat, bright rings pulsating from the logo. I felt the rings could interact with the imagery somehow.

I've produced an ident using a London skyline video from youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv5RrcVe2wY). I altered the original video slightly, a bit of recolouring, reversed it (for the hell of it), enhanced the horizon and added a bluer, clearer sky to better match the real ident. Then for the logo animation I've changed the rings to be more transparent, or glassy, or a little more ITV. The rings don't obscure the view as much, but they're still there.

Oh, and I can't do a mock without a lens flare!

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