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Good Morning Britain

A first mock - Daybreak's Replacement (February 2014)

ASO Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid and Ben Sheppard (I used these presenters for the sake of the mock). I want Good Morning Britain to be more like BBC Breakfast rather than Daybreak 2012 era or GMTV. IMO it should be like Breakfast but a bit more warm. It should have news, interviews, lots of discussion, weather, sport, regional news etc.

I used powerpoint - its all I have so please take that into account. Constructive criticism is welcome - this is my first mock so 'Even Better If' kind of comments are welcome, as are praises! Wink

I know that its not the most imaginative mock ever but I am quite proud of it for a first mock.


The Intro:



Coming Up:

Money with Martin Lewis: (This would be used as a backdrop and intro as well)

Sport (This would be used as a backdrop and intro as well)

Name (for a correspondent or expert etc.)

VMPhil Granada North West Today
Honestly, there are actually some promising ideas here. I like how you've tried to incorporate graphics that more obviously show a link with ITV News. I like the simple logo that you've gone for which contrasts heavily with Daybreak's current logo, although your description of 'Breakfast but warmer' doesn't seem to particularly go along with the graphics or fonts you've chosen, which have hard edges and capital letters a plenty. Not saying that it's a bad thing, but I'm not sure if it would go well with the type of programme you have in mind.

There will probably be some legibility issues with the font sizes you have chosen, specifically name captions. It may look fine in HD but imagine someone watching it on a kitchen TV, in fuzzy-vision Freeview SD. Having the lower third graphics so close to the edges of the screen may also be an issue for TVs that use overscan, which most TVs turn on by default. There's a safe areas guide (along with lots of other good tips) in the Guide to Mocking:

Overall for a first go, it's very promising, but not quite there. If I had to give it a rating, I'd say at this point it's a 3/5.
HarryB Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
I do think the name Aston should be put above the ticker and clock. If the ticker was to stay onscreen for the 'newshour' where would to name graphic go?

I also think the name and clock should be further over to the left of the screen as well.

An alright start to begin with.
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
For Powerpoint, these aren't too bad. I do agree with Phil on the font size issues.

Do keep working on them though, would like to see these mocks developed further.
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Brekkie Wales Wales Today
Definately agree they show promise - I would just raise the lower third graphics a bit - they seem very close to the bottom. Similarly I think the clock needs to be more to the left too.

I do like the simple link to the ITV News branding - shows you can take elements from it without going all generic.
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DanielK Central Reporting Scotland
I'd change the clock font, the 7 looks too serif. Other than that, it is brilliant.
ASO Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
I like the slight serif touch on the 7 - a bit less formal. But thanks for the nice comments.
Multi Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Looks good.

One thing if change is the Sport slide with 'Good Morning Britain' in green and 'On' in white. Either make it all green or all white.

Overall, the like the clear logo and it's awesome for PowerPoint.
AJ London London
These are promising. Technically, they need some work though - as VMPhil said, have a look at the Guide to Mocking thread to learn about safe areas and then tweak your designs accordingly.

Out of interest, what is the font you've used. It's nice.
ASO Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Thanks. I did read the Guide to Mocking and look at safe areas - I used the black area in the safe area picture on the Guide to Mocking thread - I assumed that it was just a zoomed out version of the red guides in the foreground. I just made it as I think it would look on a normal 16:9 TV and I put everything that was important in the black guides in the centre. I will take all advice into account and pick the mock up when I get a chance Smile By the way the font is Montserrat. It's a bit like Gotham which is what Daybreak uses. I think it has some nicer touches than Gotham in places, also it's free and it's a web font which I was thinking about when I chose the font, so that the website for Good Morning Britain would correlate with the program.
MatthewFirth Meridian (South) South Today
Well that's OK. I think you should improve this a step at a time, so first would be to find a font that suits this better.
HarryB Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
Is there anything further to happen on this mock?

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