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This is the first mock I have posted. I wanted to create some titles that made the show more of a 'primetime' programme rather than a 'breakfast' show. Despite ITV's attempt to do this, I feel that the shots of Earth at night, and the golden 3D text make the show the typical 'saturday night sofa takeaway' style. I did keep the original music, however I definitely would change the music if GEB was to continue...

Hope you like my first mock!

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Having looked at your mock, I'd say you're definitely right to try and take GEB into a more primetime show "feel" rather a breakfast one. However, I feel that your mock is poorly executed and better resembles something that may be shown for a few seconds for the introduction of a one-off feature on CBBC. I've made this link to CBBC because of the type of font you've used, background images and transitions.

I personally believe that if you are serious about improving this mock, I'd try again with a whole new concept. The main things that I'd work on if you do decide to make further changes would be:

1. Avoid being tacky - The transitions and font you've used are very tacky in my opinion, and not really what a primetime show on itv should be aiming for. To avoid this, perhaps use slightly more simple transitions, such as fading and sliding and with the font, I'd avoid using it in Italic and keep the colour to a different colour - perhaps white, dark purple, blue, dark grey etc.

2. Keep the background video relevant - I'm not sure where your inspiration from the background came from, but I don't really see it relates to what GEB is trying to be in any way. I think that perhaps multiple shots of London in the dark might work best so I'd avoid the whole 'rotating earth look' as it looks more like the X Factor in it's first few years.

These are my honest opinions when I saw your mock, and I'm sure you'd rather have honest feedback than everyone tell you it's great when they perhaps think otherwise.

While the majority of this has been rather negative, please just see it as my views on how you might want to improve in the future and it's always great to see new mocks being posted in this threat (particularly from new members).

I look forward to seeing any future developments to this mock, or perhaps future ones!