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Just for fun (December 2015)

Lee Anglia (East) Look East
I had a go at recreating the GMTV Today opening titles from 2000, mainly from memory but with a few of my own additions. Assume the stock photography would be something a little more relevant!

I prefer the 2009 theme so I've tried to make it fit with this.




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Nicky (previously BBCNicky) Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
Absolutely outstanding work as usual Lee! Fabulous stuff. It's delightful to see a breakfast telly mock/recreation of this calibre on the forum after so long. Smile
This is brilliant, you should possibly consider adding more to this. Maybe a graphics package to follow and so on, if GMTV was still going today i bet it would have looked something similar to this. Keep up the good work Thumbs up
SamJPayne14 Meridian (South) South Today
I think it works really well. Maybe add some Astons and a ticker maybe.
daybreakfan45 Wales Wales Today
This is fantastic, I love the addition of Good Morning Britain, adds a modern touch.
fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
Brilliant work again Lee. The visuals take me back to waking up for school in the early 00's!

14 days later

AlexEdohHD13 London London
I Like this mock - Best I've seen so far.

I like the recreation of the 2000 GMTV Today titles.

Although, It could have been better if you used the fonts of the 2000 GMTV Logo:
Kabel Bd (Kabel Bold)
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34 days later

IAmBrian (previously iamqueeni) Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
LOVE this. I remember being younger & recreating the graphics on powerpoint Laughing Laughing nothing as good as this!

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