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If GMTV continued, I'd hope it would have looked like this! I would revert to opening the show like this: rather than this: obviously music and graphics are the same but it would be set up like the first clip.

Although Lorraine has still split for her on show, it's the same studio etc

Channel Open

After Titles open with V/O

Into and Out of Breaks

News Desk

Weather and Virtual Wall

Full GMTV Set

Lorraine Walk On

Lorraine Into and Out of Break


Presenter Couch and Monitor

Full Soft Area
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DrewF2,065 posts since 22 Mar 2010
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Another mock that's been slapped together in about a week or even much less. It's not that dissimilar to the 2009 GMTV studio but it's a lot lot worse looking, particularly as it is built in Sketchup with no texturing or renders. Very little thought put into the design. 1/5.

And please reduce your image sizes - they're even too big for a 1920x1080 screen!
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It's horrid.


Please reduce the image size to 1 pixel by 1 pixel just to make it easier to load on our screens (and it also will help to save our eyes in the process).
Mike W4,988 posts since 30 Apr 2006
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IMO it's boring. I'm getting sick of seeing a curved sofa, curved wall, images of London, salmon walls? etc. they all seem the same layout. Also the Lorraine splashed paint on the wall, the penis shaped catwork.

'Penis shaped catwalk' Laughing

But yes, my cat has better design skills and Dan, I'm not going to bother with improvement advice because you just ignore it and do your own thing anyway or take comments at face value and throw a dog's dinner all over those who take the time to advise. Give up.
Oh it's such a perfect day, I'm glad I spent it with you...
SomeRandomStuff1,294 posts since 29 Apr 2009
If you are mocking a studio design you will need the dimensions of the Soundstage or Office Space that the set will occupy. These should be REAL not plucked out of the clouds by magical fairies. Unless you have these, any set design will automatically get slated.

This mock works because he took the time and effort to match the dimensions... and render the artwork with texture and lighting.

...but i realise that i've probably wasted my time...

We point out that your mock isnt great... and you ignore us.

We suggest that you might spend more time improving things... and you ignore us.

We point out exactly where you could improve... and you ignore us.

We suggest that you are ignoring us... and you cry foul because you think you are being victimised when in actual fact you just ignored us.

...and Daniel. The fact that pretty much all your mocks have got 1-star AWFUL ratings should give you some reassurance that they are indeed completely rubbish. You are not improving, and should use your time on something else.