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Meridian (South) South East Today

I'm afraid I find the current GMB titles a bit of a mishmash. Too many tweaks have weakened the original concept of a dramatic aerial arrival into the studio. I don't think the Thames footage and the recently tacked-on TVC footage work well along side each other, it doesn't flow.

As I neither own a drone or have a team of legal experts on retainer to get me off of any charges that might ensue from flying one over TVC, I've used footage from a promotional video (advertising the apartments) to illustrate how I'd go about updating the opener with actual early morning shots.

I'd also change the structure of the voiceover to
"DATE, You're watching ITV, live from Television Centre in London. This is Good Morning Britain" PAUSE FOR FOUR NOTE CLARION "With NAME and NAME"

pip2184 posts since 14 Mar 2012
Meridian (South) South East Today
Actually impressive, even with the promo footage, some irks for me are the small gradients on the ITV logo, and the fact it forms backwards, even though the former ITV form-up is no longer used now.

Thanks. I was keen to emulate the 2019 style of the logo forming backwards in the endboards and bumpers, but the manner in which that happens didn't really work as an ident, so went with a 'swipes right' option instead.
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
The way you've managed to make it look like the logo forms up out of the donut in the building is outstanding. Not that we'd expect much less from you pip2! Razz

I agree that the ITV logo formation may look better the other way around and I would like to see a version with the full titles too but apart from that this is absolutely superb!

EDIT - Only other thing I'd say is that I've just tried saying your changed script and its quite a lot to cram in before the clarion call!
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BBC World News
As nice as it is, I feel it's a bit TVC-centric.

In all honesty, the outside of the building isn't particularly endearing or exciting; part of what makes the Breakfast Salford shots (sort of) work is the ability to do angles with the Manchester waterway in view -- this is just some angles of a pretty average West London.
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