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Meridian (South) South Today
This hasn't taken me long to create, and it's my first ever mock that I have posted. I am expecting bad feedback but please make it constructive so i know what to improve on

I couldn't find the Today logo online, so I've made my own, but just imagine that it's the real one

This is when the show first starts, with just the logo and clock:
I've decided to add a flipper showing the showbiz news during the show, as it fits in more with GMB:
This is the get in touch graphic, and I've also decided that the flipper should show the views of the public during a debate:
Here is an example of the flipper showing the views:
This is just the same old nametag:
This is when there has been breaking entertainment news:
More info about the breaking entertainment:
Coming up:
Another example of what's coming up:
When there is an exclusive interview:
Tomorrow on the main program, GMB:
Tomorrow on Today

I hope you like it!
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Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
The recreation isn't too inaccurate but it's very rough around the edges with lots of different sized aspects. Take the contact strap; the Facebook, Twitter and Internet logos are totally different sizes. It just makes for an inconsistent and low quality look. If you sort out some of those issues and respect safe zones it'd be better.