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As ITV have launched a 'two-week' Summer replacement for Lorraine called 'GMB Today', my first thought was 'GMTV Today'. I was thinking of how the GMTV Today theme tune from 2000 would work well with a Graphics packaged designed in 2017... and let me tell you, it did

What have I changed you ask:

- I have made the opening titles to GMB Today longer by using the promo video shown everyday on ITV and the actual mini titles itself.
- I've included the main title sequence, music bed and closing credits music from GMTV and placed them accordingly to fit the graphics of GMB Today.

I believe that this is a great example of how an old brand and its music can still work well in 2017.

I hope you like it and here's to many more mocks created by me!

Btw I'm 17 and a Student at The Global Academy UTC. Which is sponsored by Global, The Media and Entertainment Group!

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Nice to see what it would sound and look like and I much prefer this music and title sequence to the music that they currently use for GMB Today (particularly the music from the promo video for GMB Today which I really can't stand). However, while I like it I wouldn't use it for the programme given it was specifically made for GMTV Today. While I'm sure very few viewers would notice this, I still don't think that it's the best option to take and what they're doing at the moment probably makes most sense practically. I'd give a 4/5 because it was nice to see what it would look like and the fact that you did exactly what you said you would do (use the GMB Today with the GMTV Today Theme Music from 2000) pretty well. Despite the fact that I like it, I probably don't think it could really be used in reality given the fact it was the GMTV theme.