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With Tropical Vibes (August 2017)

daybreakfan45 Wales Wales Today
Hi all,

Here's my take on 'GMB Today' with a tropical/Caribbean vibe. I wanted to avoid the typical orange and yellow look.

Open + Break Stings + Close:




The music used in the break stings would come from the charts themselves, and that graphic in the second image would appear to say what song was used and its chart position. The flipper would show updates on Entertainment/Film/Fashion/The Charts, etc. Always happy to take on feedback.
PATV Scunthorpe Yorkshire Look North (E.Yorks & Lincs)
Looks alright, I would tone down the use of the gradient, if you want to use gradients then try using a different set of colours for each tag (as you say Entertainment/Official Charts/etc.). The overuse of the gradient also really contrasts with the yellow GMB logo.

I'm questioning as to why in the photos you've use the new GMB logo as the DOG but in the GMB Today logo you've use the old GMB logo.

(Also (more of a personal annoyance, due to my many music channel mocks), but it's Sigala not Sigma and technically it should be 'Sigala & Ella Eyre' rather than ft.)
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“Nostalgia’s cool, but it won’t help me now, the dream is good, if you don’t wear it out.”
DarthSidious Midlands Today
Love it. There's nothing wrong with using the yellow logo, and it keeps the link to the main show. The gradients make the graphics feel more alive. The colour scheme is also refreshing. I dislike how there's an expectation for everything at breakfast to be yellow or orange.

My only complaint is the lower thirds still look too much like ITV News, but that's not your fault.

I'm also not a fan of sliding vertical lines, it's been done to death on tv, but here it does actually look quite nice.

Also, loving the current chart songs being used, gives the show more excitement and edge, something that main GMB should be doing IMO.
UBox Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I guess about 7 GMB Today mocks were to be expected! Razz

I much prefer your logo design (if you get the current GMB logo in the O) to the current logo. This helps to tie it in more with the main show which I like. I do prefer the letters to be slightly closer together though like the current GMB Today logo. Might also be nice to have the GMB logo replaced with the word today within the plectrum shape.

As for the colour scheme - I'm personally not a fan of the greens and mints. It makes me think "St. Patrick's Day" for some reason. I'd like to see this with the blue accent colour they use on GMB for the coming up etc.

Overall I like this though and good use of the Brazil theme tune. I really like it but it never gets used.
Newsroom24 West Country (West) Points West
I can see what you've tried to do with the green scheme, but I'm not sure it's really worked that well as it looks a little off design wise to me. Also, I wouldn't use the Rio theme tune as I don't really feel that the tropical look/feel works for the programme and even though I'm not really a fan of what they currently use (the entertainment music), I feel that it's better than the Rio one.

On the main GMB Today logo, I do like how you've used the GMB symbol in place of the 'O', though I would make it green and then have the text saying 'GMB' in white. You've also recreated the graphics nicely (in terms of sizing) but I think using the full 'Good Morning Britain' logo here looks slightly out of place.

It's okay as another principle, though I do prefer the orange look and logo that are used on the actual programme. 3/5
dbl London London
I understand you wanted to try a different colour scheme, but I'm not a fan of the green, not for a morning show anyways.
A former member
it make me think of an irish breakfast show.

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