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Bruce12345499 posts since 14 Feb 2013
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I have had a shot of recreating the opening of GMB Today. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to implode and explode the letters like they do, but it is something I'm sure I can work on.

I would also appreciate if those who took the time to vote, could also maybe leave feedback. Maybe suggest ways of approving it...

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There's nothing bad about the few seconds you've posted, but it's not very original or inspiring. Why not spend a little longer and create a full package? Fix the issues with what they have on air, improve it.
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You've done an excellent job at recreating the titles and it is very close to being identical to the real thing. It would be nice to see what a longer title sequence might look like, prehaps 15-20 seconds. As suggested by Aaron_2015 a full package would also be nice to see. One other thing you could do is create a new on-air look, with a different graphics pack to what is actually used along, with a different logo in order to be able to compare it. As what you've done is very accurate to what is actually used as far as I can see, I'd give it a 4/5.
Bruce12345499 posts since 14 Feb 2013
STV Central Reporting Scotland
I was never trying to create something new, I was simply showing a recreation... I was planning on releasing more as I got feedback. I was only testing the water before diving head first with a full title sequence. And also, thank you DeMarkay for informing me you posted the very first GMB Today mock, I was aware of that. I do apologise for my ignorance here but, in respect, you put two clips together and added music... Very original Wink
The first two comments included constructive feedback to which I can work on and use to help improve in the future, your comment simply tried to undermine my video by re-posting yours.
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