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GMB meets Sunrise

Another GMB mock, taking on Sunrise's graphics (April 2016)

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I recently looked at the graphics used by Australian breakfast shows, and Sunrise has had an update on their graphics.

I created this to take a look at how the graphics could look for GMB. Any other elements I could try?

The headlines are at the start, and it shows that the ticker and clock is optional to be shown during them.

The quick yellow GMB wipe to the studio instead of the abstract voiceover and titles.

The four name aston shows, and ticker demonstrates the different features including Coming up and Breaking stories, this includes on the right hand side a 'bug' going through the website, social media, and occasional ITV News logo and the viewers region. - This means the text on the ticker is produced by regions instead of GMB's gallery.

Live on locations, the GMB logo is replaced with a LIVE bug and the location name is just above that.

I used dark blue as a colour for the EU referendum.

I've dropped safe areas just like GMB has done recently for a second time now.
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I really like this design just wondering what safe area you used?
Good work, the animations are great, the wipes are done particularly well.

I only have a couple of issues:

1. The logo looks a little awkward, although I'm not sure how you could resolve that (maybe have the strap going into the logo like the 2009 GMTV astons)
2. When correspondents are name checked, the ITV News logo is on screen twice.
3. You have a temperature next to the clock, what does that represent? I would probably ditch the temperature and have a longer space for the 'flipper'.

4/5 for now.
Shaun Linden
I quite enjoyed this. It is very similar to TODAY on NBC.
I really like the look of these. Don't think the temperature would work because of the variation across the country.
I like it. The logo always looks awkward on the right of the screen I think but that's just because of the shape of it. When it comes to the temperature, maybe having more information beside that would help explain exactly what it's referring to.
That BREAKING NEWS wipe is very Sky News. I like it. Overall, a good mock, though I agree with others' thoughts on this in terms of safe areas/temperature etc. Also, why does only the first TOTH story pop up in the centre of the screen and then appear lower down, when the others appear only at the bottom? Every TOTH 'headline' should animate the same, so in your case, appearing in the centre and then popping up again at the bottom. It will look more consistent. I also would leave the 'ticker' bit off until the show begins instead of it coming on midway through the TOTH sequence which seems strange to me. I've given this three, for now. I like it overall.
Can only really mirror comments made about everyone else regarding a few things.

The temperature seems a bit useless but you could develop it by possibly giving more information and providing different locations. I'm assuming that one refers to London.

The logo does look awkward on the right, as I find it does when the show uses it coming back from a break or whatever. I'm not certain on what you want to do with it but returning it to the left would be a start in my opinion.

Like David Whitfield has mentioned, the TOTH graphics should be more consistent and I would follow his steps on this.

One thing that I don't personally like is the use of two fonts , you're using the ITV one and then another. The other font does look good although I'd stick with one for consistency. Maybe the ITV one would be the better to keep GMB in line with the entire brand?

Possible elephant in the room but wondering why you've opted for one of the reporters to become the 4th presenter, it confused me? It's fine if you're doing it simply because you like him and think he deserves a promotion but just for my own knowledge, why?

I do really like the overall mock and I'll be interested to see its progression. Keep going, you've got a very nice idea and I'll give it 3 stars for now. Best of luck!
Always expect the worst with any thread with "GMB" in the title but this isn't bad at all and for once is actually an improvement on what they have now.
Thanks for your comments guys.

New update,

I've narrowed down the screen ratio so graphics don't go right to the edge of the screen.

It begins with a GMB logo that replaces the ITV sting.

The headline appears for every story now and the date pop ups at the end which is now read by the main presenter.

Transparent titles (appears grey) would be replaced and show live shots of outside ITV studios or national locations. Voiceover remains and begins with 'from ITV News, this is Good Morning Britain, with X and X' The titles now have presenters on the voiceover. (The presenter names wouldn't change even if there is a relief. Once titles finish, the relief presenter instead would introduce themselves and say who they are sitting in for).

The original 4 presenter format returns, (noticed I put Piers in the titles, but Ben at the desk by accident).

The ticker would be produced blank by London - and with more and more regions turning HD, regions now produce the ticker and clock. Regional news stories and contact points are shown as well as average temperature for that region. (Just like NBC's Today really.)

The wipes remain for the top story - and astons remain on screen when moving between stories.

Reporters are now known as ITV News correspondents and an ITV News logo would appear on screen replacing GMB logo. Also on LIVE reports a live bug would too replace GMB logo.

Think that answers some questions from this, any more suggestions?

I do actually rather like this mock, however the new open is essentially that of NBC Today's in the USA. I really like the idea of a region-lead ticker, however I feel it should remain as a ticker and not a flipper which really limits the character-count available. One thing I do hate about the ITV News graphics, both ITN & GMB, is the white boxes, which is especially bad on GMB's current graphics where they are purely a white box, which would quite frankly be laughed out of the Gallery. this page: feature's GMB's current colour palette, and the beige/pink/grey sort of colour background featured on some stings and former social media backgrounds. Something similar in the astons might work and sooth my (probably irrational) hatred for the white box. The astons are also quite tall with some unnecessary blank space which might look better reduced.

All-in-all, a good mock which fits in with the current GMB brand, certainly an improvement on the dire state that is the current L3s with some innovative features.
I can only mostly say what I said before to be honest, nice animations, but the logo still looks awkward, the temperature is still there with no context, and the ITV News logo still appears on screen twice at one point.

Having Susanna Reid's name on screen when Kate Garraway would be presenting just seems a little strange.

Additionally, the regions adding to the main graphics would most likely result in a mess. ITV Westcountry struggle to centre the clock and use the correct weight, so I dread to think what we would end up with.

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