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Meridian (South) South East Today
Hope you'll enjoy these in the spirit they were created, with mild amusement.

Someone posted they were hoping the LWT chimes would feature in the final GMB from TLS... thought I'd see what could be done. GMB promos from the past four years cut to the 2017 theme with 2014 and 2015 strings, dings and horns mixed in.

GMB Today idea that I never fully developed.

I'm really glad to see the back of desk mk2, because it looked like a bumper car and was also the wrong scale, spoiling the original set design. It made me grumpy. Enjoy sharing your thoughts on all the newness throughout the day on Monday.

UTV Newsline
This is amazing. 6/5 Laughing
KH01 and UlsterMan123 gave kudos