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johnnyboy270 posts since 8 Jan 2002
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Hi all,

I can't design to save my life but one thing I have noticed about news channels in recent years is their apparent desire to take up as much screen real estate as possible with captions.

I wish they wouldn't. The white areas of space at the bottom of both BBC News and Sky are a particular hate of mine. And the way the graphics take the width of the screen on BBC News despite the fact they are still using the safe areas.

I was wondering if some of you talented folk could turn your attention to coming up with mocks for the major news channels (extant or not) where graphics were used as sparingly as possible.

Looking forward to any challenge takers (if there are any!)
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ClarkNarvas (previously ClarkToasti) 101 posts since 8 Apr 2016
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Don't mind the low-quality Huw image


Well, ClarkNarvas, it's a start and I appreciate the effort.

I think the Channel 4 use of screen space on its news program was quite minimalist and I would be interested to see how that could be translated over to a 24hr service which also ran with that minimalism.

So basically no tickers? because there aren't really much other than the name tags
AndrewPSSP49 posts since 16 Feb 2019
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I personally quite liked the design BBC News 24 and World used to use, with just a "BBC NEWS 24" or "BBC WORLD" DOG in the top left, and a time box on the right, with story/name Astons only. Made presentation look a lot cleaner IMO.
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