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Exploring BBC News branding styles

Some experiments from over the past few years (July 2019)

Catman_67 Arabic
Well this looks impressive!
I especially like how the city names in the Final Comp test (as well as the other exploring video) animate ala 1999 BBC News branding. A nice little touch there. I also love the dark background and color scheme as well!
One of my favorites in particular has to be the 2017 branding idea, I like how the logos are made black-and-white to fit with the color scheme of the globe, but I do love the special variations for BBC Arabic as well as the endboard for BBC WNA and even the News Channel of the Year ident as well!

The 2018 color variations do kinda remind me of BBC Arabic, Persian, Mundo, etc. though, as in the branding used before 2014/15

But in general, pretty impressive and interesting work, really! Thumbs up
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83 days later

Ballyboy UTV Newsline
How did you get the America map and is there a simple way of doing the maps
mdtauk London London
I found a Specular Map of the Earth from NASA many years ago, and tidied up a little to make it a Black and White mask. Which I use for all my BBC News animations.

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