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Eurovision Online 2020 - Fan Contest

A contest created by volunteers to honour the songs and contestants of Eurovision 2020. (May 2020)

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Hey all,

Some of you might remember me from the Network Ten rebrand all those years ago:

After it was announced that Eurovision 2020 was cancelled, the community decided to keep the spirit alive and honour the songs and contestants that were to compete in Rotterdam.

This is a fan competition , created solely by volunteers, in the spirit of Eurovision.

I jumped on board to help them with a graphics package, inspired by their logo and the classic Eurovision broadcast style. Thought you all might be interested!

Everything was made in After Effects, including all the scoreboards and re-ordering. The team can deliver a CSV file with all the votes, and we can have a fully-rendered scoreboard with animation out within 10 minutes.

Apart from the graphics, there's even a bigger team of volunteers: editors, hosts, coders, audio designers, jurors across the world, hard at work creating a show for the fans.

Our version of the Grand Final airs Saturday, 18:00 CEST, tune in then to see our jury vote and scoreboards:

Pre-show countdown

Song intros


Qualifier board

Voting countdown + Lower Thirds
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That is amazing, I remember loving that Channel 10 one years ago too, The neon like appearance looks great (especially with them representing each country’s flags) and I can definitely see this on TV.

5/5 from me
I'm sorry but I personally absolutely detest the use of lower case for the countries (that might just be me) but everything else is done very nicely. Good on you for doing this and helping to keep #ESC2020 alive to some extent - I too was gutted when it was announced it was to be cancelled! The country intros seem inspired by last year's contest but the rest seems a good recreation of the coloured spokes design they were proposing to use in the 2020 contest. Pretty damn good overall. Nice attention to detail throughout, e.g. using the country flag colours in the intros. Nicely done.
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Tim Goodwin1
This reminds me of what Trevor Sport is doing on Youtube
Love it! Shame you're not on this forum more often, your work is outstanding!

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