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(August 2014)

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Tim Goodwin1
This is my first mock on TV Forum and it is my version of a mock title sequence for BBC's coverage of the next European Championship in 2016. It includes footage from previous Euros, WC2014, and home nations football with clips of Paris accompanied by Bastille in the background

Question, did you speed some of the footage up?
Tim Goodwin1
AxG posted:
Question, did you speed some of the footage up?

yes just to fit with the music
Slowing footage down is fine, but speeding it up just seems odd.
I really don't think this warrants being loaded onto here. Not being rude, probably am but hey, I don't see where any skill has gone into this. Its a short montage of badly put together footage, some really poor quality, other bit with large logos on, which isn't at all BBC- obviously. I expected some sort of graphics, but even the copied BBC sport logo was out of date with current branding. Sorry but I can't even give 1/5 for this.

Also the music was poorly synced, keep work like this private, at least until you've developed better skills and acquired some better software.
There are several things wrong with this mock. First off, there are several different aspect ratios throughout the video. I am aware that you made this mock with WMM but you need better software to produce a good video mock!

I spotted the watermarks of several different YouTubers in there as well. More advanced video editing software like Vegas has a Gaussian blur effect. You can rather easily mask out the watermark on another copy of the video on a separate layer and blur out the watermark. Alternatively, you could try to find footage lacking a watermark or DOG.

Slowing down clips is fine for effect but speeding up clips doesn't really seem right. You could have just trimmed the clip to the last moment.

I recommend that you buy better video editing software - like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere. Movie Maker will not make a good mock.
I'm afraid I can only echo AxG, Henry and Cavan's comments.

When was the last time BBC Sport looked like this?
Courtesy of TV Ark

Sorry but its a 1/5 from me.

Edit: Look at BBC and ITV's world cup titles. They scream out 'Brazil'. Especially the ITV one - so many references there.

Look at this year's Tour de France titles. The theme tune at least, screams France (slightly contrived, but hey) - this does not say France and it needs to. I'm sure most people won't understand the link between Bastille the band and Bastille the french festival. (if that's even intentional)

More thought, more creativity. You have not made anything. You've stuck some footage together. You've not even made the graphics. Even the audio has been cut weirdly. It doesn't flow.

Brekkie - I don't know what has been said here that is pedantic. Details matter.

Look, you need to spend time and give it thought. With respect, you've not really done much. And it doesn't have any skill.

You will get better. But that requires a bit more effort. Good luck, don't give up, but you need to spend time away and actually do something. Good luck.
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I give it 2/5, it's bad but only 1st attempt.

I would like someone to attempt a better Euro 2016 coverage opener.
1/5 - Sorry its ├╝ber Beginner at the moment.
Newbies getting the classic TV Forum welcome then!

As everyone else has summed up the negatives (some valid, some quite pedantic) I'll praise you for at least putting something different in this place and although it is far from perfect on the whole it's well put together, even if it is essentially a montage.
ASO posted:
Brekkie - I don't know what has been said here that is pedantic.

It's probably directed towards me.

If so, there is nothing wrong with pointing out any minor issues. If they are pointed out, they can be corrected - therefore making the mock better.
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