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Nice one Mike, love to see how others work. You might want to look into motion tile for some of your animations, allows for very easy looping of the ring elements. And expressions to animate things rather than keyframes can be really handy, for your placename for example this expression on the position along with motion tile means you can make smaller comps that loop.

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Here it is. Thanks for all the downloads


The downloads are helpful but how can you change them? Think of it as people giving you tools to tinker with, don't just slap your chosen programme name and place names in and be happy with it. Look at the way the effects are set up, how can they be manipulated into a different product?

For instance, the file I uploaded - the different sphere effects (there's a fair few) are all set up to similar orientations - I don't think CC Sphere uses the 3D camera properly - so how can you move things about to make something different? You could for instance have a smaller 'globe' like the old World Service language titles?

Also the font on the endboard isn't the best, it looks a bit like word art in PowerPoint 97 to me.

Think about using vector graphics within your titles, like the old Spotlight and Nations titles had/have... So many ideas, just keep tinkering and don't just bash something out because you've got some resources and Google Earth.

Edit: Also the endboard background looks mighty familiar, even down to some of the dodgy animation, and it didn't come from Bail Wink
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Its certainly not perfect I agree. I have relied heavily on the downloads as they were. Yes there is plenty of manipulation that is possible and I will be looking at them. I know very little about vector graphics so that will be my focus.

As regards the endboard... Very Happy
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