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Here's how it looks now Mike, just to stop you worrying Razz

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Bail posted:
Out of interest Bail, do you still have the Twitch recordings of you creating that?

Appreciate it was a while back so no trouble if you don't!

Not Bail, but I have managed to save a copy of those streams myself. It's like 19GB 😱

That's only mildly terrifying...

It's even more terrifying when trying to find a place to temporarily store those files...
Why haven’t you compressed them?
Bail posted:
Here's how it looks now Mike, just to stop you worrying Razz


that blur and detail is impressive

8 days later

so tvforum is closing. Bail, Mike W, Brekkie all you guys have been my friends. thanks for all the advice. your mocks are something else and keep it up. goodbye

26 days later

Since it's the final countdown for TVF, here's my attempt at the clock transition! Still need to do a "proper" version of the "ticking" animation at some point, I'll learn someday!

richard110888 and Ballyboy gave kudos
Very good Xilla
My Final post on this. it’s quite personal

I know I have asked a LOT of questions ( hence the thread name). and you gave me all the advice but I didn’t bother to listen. and kept banging on about that bloody July 2019 template ( still hoping it’s out there though maybe for my 20th lol🤞). but I wanted TO thank you for the advice. and for being great friends and for putting up with me

Bail, Brekkie, Martin Anderson and of course Mike W who I do consider my mate to name a few. I’m tearing up and I don’t know why

So from me Dylan Loughran better known as Ballyboy

Thank you & goodbye. I love you all

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