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EastEnders credits recreation

(November 2011)

VMPhil Granada North West Today
Created over a few days whilst off sick. It's not an exact recreation of any one particular era of EastEnders credit styles, more a mix of my own personal ideas. I will say that it's mainly the original static two-credits at one time style used from the beginning until the late 90s, to see how they could be used today, along with an extended length at around 1 minute or so.


This really is a spare time project, if I had more compex tools then I would made it more true to the original, but I thought I'd just share it I was quite pleased with the outcome. The credits do go a little fast even with the extended length I've put them in, which is why they fade on and off (even if that is because iMovie doesn't let you have them static).

Also, sorry for the watermark at the beginning, just don't want anyone reusing it or posting it on YouTube and claiming it as their own. Thanks.
Gavin Scott Founding member STV Central Reporting Scotland
Aesthetically they look right, except the captions are not in time with the music, which is a little jarring to watch. The originals used to cut (rather than dissolve) at the end of each bar or music.

Depending on how you're putting this together (i.e. what software) you may be able to see the beats on the audio waveform - and those should be the points where you change the caption.

If you tweak it it would look good.
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Thanks for the comments.

I noticed that after I'd finished editing the timing of the credits whilst watching old clips of the credits, the music timing. I just made the credits appear for a duration of 2.5 seconds each apart from the last credit ("repeated on BBC Three") which lasts for 5 seconds.

I also see that they used four credits on one screen, so I can change that as well. The one thing I can't really change is the font, the one I'm using is Times as I don't have or know the actual font they use.

The software I'm using is iMovie '08. It's basic entry-level video editing software and I use it because I don't need Final Cut Pro for making the occasional mock, and there's nothing in-between anymore since they scrapped Final Cut Express. I think it's time to get iMovie '11.

EDIT: I've just read your comment on the fading. I really do want them to just cut, but iMovie only lets you fade the captions. It's very annoying and one of the worst limitations of the software. I always set the fading to be as short as possible.
Nice! It's given me a bit of nostalgia!
VMPhil Granada North West Today
Whilst I re-do my original mock, here's another mock. The differences are:

Uses 1m8s full length 2009 theme instead of 1985 theme
Scrolling credits instead of static credits
Executive Producer credit and Shown later on BBC Three/website URL caption swapped around
Proper drums, without the music over it (I'd just cut it from halfway through the full 1985 theme)

Enjoy, and let me know what you think.


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