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Concept - WBN/RDC (Welsh Broadcasting Network)

A Concept Television Network devoted entirely to Wales in the event of Welsh Independence happening.

This site closed in March 2021 and is now a read-only archive
I like the idea, but think having two completely different names in Welsh/English is at odds with what you’re trying to do. As Brekkie says, you’d need the branding to be bilingual. Just like S4C is never actually translated to C4W, I’d personally go with the Welsh letters as the base for the brand (A lead English-language name would be maligned by many!) and have the English version as a sub header in more formal setups.

Having said that, RDC as a name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue very nicely in Welsh phonetically due to the way the ‘r’ sound is made, and if you’re going for correct Cymraeg it should also be RhDC as the letter is Rh not R! (I’m not personally picky, but this would likely be a big discussion if this was ever mooted in the real world)
It has potential, but the logo screams Web 2.0 from 2008/2010.

8 days later

The logo has that 1950's look to it and I don't know why

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