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Channel Six Mock

(April 2011)

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Unfortunately mine is nowhere near as polished as others on here, which are superb, but here's my go at this:

Main ident - a return to the clock. The background would be animated, with the lines in the background falling downwards. This would vary in pattern as can be seen in some of the other caps.

Coming up promo - just a simple idea, program image and title, with the background on this being pulsating and moving circles.

Break bumper - this animation has falling shapes.

Just the standard DOG:

And a program promotion - again with the circles.

Thanks for looking - these are in 720p so I will upload the links to the full size images tomorrow!
Is this mock supposed to be for HD TV, because if it isn't then there is not safe area's anywhere? I like the logo and the clock but other things I am not so keen on such as the small 'tonight at Ten' on the news slide.
I agree with what James is saying.

I'm not a fan of the clock hands. Unfortunately what really lets it down is the overall one colour shading, which is rather dull, and not bright.
It is HD, yes.

Thanks for the comments - I was going to have it with a variety of pastel colours but I thought this might be a bit inconstistant?
The obvious question is why use falling pentagons when you could have used six-sided hexagons?
Safe Area guide:

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