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Spice Girls... *shudders cringingly*

Yes I agree, don't bring back the past, its been what 12? 13 years since we had that Refresher Sweets colour scheme.

The Word "Channel" in a TV Channel, p*sses me off - EVERYBODY IN THE UNIVERSE KNOWS IT'S A CHANNEL.

You must hate Channel Television then Wink
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At least that one has a reason for being called Channel, since it serves the Channel Islands.

As for Five, I'm not sure it will be the coloured bars coming back. I reckon though that they will use the 5 in a circle - maybe with the 5 in a new typeface and "channel" written somewhere above or in the number. It would actually hark back to the original while evolving the current logo that way, since the current logo already revived the circle shape.

And on topic with that mock, yeah, change the font at least, too Daybreak-ish.