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I went straight for the awful button at first sight - why on earth would you replace the famous C4 logo with that?

However I had to upgrade the vote to 4 stars as I went down as I quite like what you're doing - you're doing something original and you're doing it well, and respecting the logo that's impossible to replace in doing it. I'm quite interested to see how far you can go with it, especially if you move on to the multi-channels as well.

It may not be at the technical standards of the work mdta and Bail have posted in recent days but they are excellent recreations of other peoples works - this is something original, and it would be nice to see far more (good) original ideas here more often.
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I get the idea behind the film version but I find it a bit busy and feel like it would just be a clump of pixels at a small size.
I like E, 7, and Music very much, however.
This is coming together really nicely. Keep it up, improvements are being made with each update. Thumbs up
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