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Channel 4 possible alternate logo

An alternate worded version of the Channel 4 blocks

Brekkie Wales Wales Today
I went straight for the awful button at first sight - why on earth would you replace the famous C4 logo with that?

However I had to upgrade the vote to 4 stars as I went down as I quite like what you're doing - you're doing something original and you're doing it well, and respecting the logo that's impossible to replace in doing it. I'm quite interested to see how far you can go with it, especially if you move on to the multi-channels as well.

It may not be at the technical standards of the work mdta and Bail have posted in recent days but they are excellent recreations of other peoples works - this is something original, and it would be nice to see far more (good) original ideas here more often.
Turns out nobody had 2020 vision.
NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East
I'm thinking for Film4 I could have squares above the "film" like the little sprockets in filmstrips.
NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East
Here are the concepts for the Four multichannels.
DavidWhitfield Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I get the idea behind the film version but I find it a bit busy and feel like it would just be a clump of pixels at a small size.
I like E, 7, and Music very much, however.
This is coming together really nicely. Keep it up, improvements are being made with each update. Thumbs up
Guess who's big in the back time!
AndrewPSSP, lukeshep and Ittr gave kudos
NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East
And just as a bonus... *

17 days later

What I like about it is the design but I feel like The other channels are a bit odd I don't know why but some of the details makes it look a bit weird but it's good! Smile
J. Lyric
Here are the concepts for the Four multichannels.

There's something about More and Film that just doesn't look right next to the main wordmark. Try tinkering with those a little bit.
NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East
Lyric how did you get here?
Looking Glass West Country (West) Spotlight
I love seeing what people can do with the 4 branding, on the one hand the logo is so iconic but also I feel that the 4 family allows more creativity than BBC or ITV. I like what you’ve done with the main logo, however I think that it limits what you can do with the sister channels. FOUR makes sense on its own but MoreFOUR seems clunky and eFOUR seems a bit off in terms of reading the actual word. Onto your work, I like FOUR Music, I think the typography isn’t far off what we have at the moment and I also like ‘More’ but with FOUR it just seems like a lot for a channel logo - imagine this was at the top of the screen, it feels like it would take a lot of space.

I’m not massively into the dots over the Film but again I like the font, I don’t know if it’s because of the placement, maybe the Music, Film, More needs to be above or below the FOUR logo. I also think the E looks a bit randomly placed but I think E4 always proves to be a tough redesign. I would love to see you develop these further, maybe include ALL4 and 4 News into the mix. I just think your staple logo is so bold that you have to simplify the sister channels or adapt the main logo further.
Ghost Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Lyric how did you get here?

He signed up to the forum. That is all.
623058: Maybe it you clooks!

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