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This is my fourth mock in November, I haven't forgotten about the others! Very Happy

However, I thought I'd tackle something a little different:

Celebrity Love Island (The Reboot)

The original version of the format, rebooted for 2020:

Patrick Kielty and Kelly Brook returning as hosts

Live coverage on ITVBe (Aftersun, a new spin off called 'The Beach Hut' similar to Diary Room Uncut)

Twelve REAL celebrities with a strict ban on Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube and TikTok influencers and Reality TV stars

The show will take place in its original location, Armstrong Island in Fiji

Things to note:
A reworked Love Island logo
A remixed version of the Love Island theme will be used

Below are:
ITV2 Promo end cap
ITVBe Promo end cap
Title Card
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