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CBS Evening News 2012

(August 2012)

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Mike W

Just a mock I made last year, March 2011 - I've had it rendered for a year or so but never got round to finishing and polishing it - the files were lost in a hard-drive crash, so it'll never get finished now!

Constructive feedback is welcome though so I can use it in future work!

I did a lot of paper planning of this mock, and if I can dig that out I'll upload some scans
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Nice mock! Smile The astons seem a bit too distracting for my liking, but the titles are polished and pretty darn slick. Also, good to see some planning went into this mock - makes a change from some of the others (you know who you are)!
Mike W
Having found one of the pieces of paper in a bad condition, I'll describe what's written on it:

The transition for the OTS graphic is the CBS Eyemark Movement going downwards (in the render it goes bottom right to top left)

There was planned to be left and right aligned versions of the OTS - I never made them!

and the eyemark device itself would be used as a content holder - for a small, isolated image in the pupil and for a larger image in the eyelid and pupil, with the pupil barely visible on top, maintaining the outer segments of the eyemark.

Some unused stills of variations


The aston is a mess, I knew that when I made it - I made some mistakes with a mask to that make it wobble, it was meant to be very slow and dark blue as well, instead it came out as bright blue! Sad
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14 days later

I LOVE THE MUSIC, nice graphics aswell, shame you didn't get to finish
Well done. But I expected something like a mixture of CBS's eye logo, NRK Nyheter's on-screen look and those of CBS-branded channels in the UK? Wink (The latter two were made by the UK firm, Kemistry, you know.)

Any way, would it work for local affiliates and O&Os, too?

36 days later

Mr Fantastic
What program do you use for your mocks? Looks gorgeous!
Mike W
What program do you use for your mocks? Looks gorgeous!

This was AfterEffects and I think, from memory I was using Zacksworks or Zaxwerks or something for the 3D eye, the 3D settings in AE are poor!

Thanks for your comment Smile

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