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An idea for a Cbeebies Rebrand (February 2015)

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This is just a basic idea of a Cbeebies Rebrand -
**As above this is just a basic idea and clearly needs improvement so please let me know of what you think should be better**
Name would be changed to CBBC Junior
I tried abbreviating it to CBBC Jr
* However it made it feel like a seccondary channel and it didn't feel like a logo which the viewers could relate to ... as a large portion of Cbeebies viewers cannot read.
The font for the logo and headings used throughout this mock is Kristen ITC as this font is quite curly and friendly.
The Logo works well on nearly all backgrounds as you will see throughout
Programme Trailer
Pop-up messages for parents
These are some possible idents which incorporate the colour zones and characters from some of the shows in that time zone
This just screams PowerPoint.
While I do have a soft spot for the CBBC Junior name, this is just horrible, and really shows how unlikely it is to work.

For starts, the fonts you've used. I mean, come on, Kristen and Leelawadee, could it get any cheaper?

The plain text "CBBC" also does not relate to other BBC brands at all. Not good, especially in cross-promotions.

Not to mention the "idents" look like something barfed up on Microsoft Publisher or Powerpoint.

1 star: awful.
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Not an improvement on the current look.
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Larry the Loafer
Amongst the many issues, the Cbeebies name is too valuable to be dropped. Also, if you're going to post a mock with the warning "this clearly needs improvement", I'd suggest withholding it and improving it to a standard that you deem fit to post. That way, you won't have a tirade of forum members complaining to you.
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rob Founding member
Looks like you've done this in 10 minutes in Powerpoint. The font choices are awful.
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Power Point or not I've seen much worse on here. Dropping the CBeebies name would be stupid though, so it's the sort of thing a TV exec would sign off I guess. Should surely be CBBC Infants though!
Nope, nope, no. (See above comments)
Michael Power
Nope. It does not work. Where is the BBC logo? I does not mix with the other brands including its older demographic counterpart, CBBC. If the CBBC brand was going to stretch out to rename CBeebies, it would use the real CBBC logo.

The idents don't look good. They look like a 2-5 minute job in PPT. The blobs survived this long for a reason!
Kristen does look like a cheap font like Francis said.

For now, one star. If you improve, I will change my mind.
ETP1 Forever
Yeah, not including the BBC logo in any potential BBC brand is a big mistake. Might have been forgivable pre-February 1991 when the BBC still hadn't quite got themselves out of the 1970's as far as branding was concerned.
I think the main reason for this being back is the lack of BBC logo. The junior font is fine, just try and work of blending the junior with a actual CBBC logo with incorporates the BBC logo in it.

After that, then start working on improving the trailers. It may be a bad start, but it could work if improved.....
The name, for so many obvious reasons, is a total, complete non-starter.
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