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CBBC Newsround 2017 and 2019

Old and new mixed together. (April 2019)

DeMarkay London London
Hi everyone,

This 'mock' is just a bit of fun and visualises what the new titles and music for Newsround could look like on screen. I've mixed them in with clips of Newsround from the 2017 graphics launch.


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EdExcel London London
What music is this?
rob Founding member Meridian (Thames Valley) South Today
What music is this?

That's the music for the upcoming refresh of Newsroound.
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DeMarkay London London
I’ve tried to edit it in the same style as how it would be broadcast on TV. I’ve made sure that the fade from the titles end cap is smooth and cuts to the studio nicely. Along with Ayshah and the closing pre-fade.

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