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(May 2002)

There's no need to have lessons, just watch and learn. If it looks right compared with the real thing you're on the right track.
I have no formal training and not even any formal art teaching and I occasionally come up with some decent mocks (See here:> )
harshy Founding member
The mock is a very very bad one indeed, and the fact that it says BBC NEWS WEATHER suggusts the weather will be on for half an hour!
It suggests it's the BBC News weather.

''We'll be having a thunderstorm at 6.12 when Huw Edwards tries to interview Dame Jennie Bond followed by, at 7pm severe thunderclaps on BBC World. A cold spell is on BBC News 24 from 7 to 11 which is followed by a ray of sunlight in Peter Dobbie"

"Tomorrow starts off bright with Sian and Chris followed by an overcast period with Peter Coe. It will, however, brighten up from around 1 to reveal a glorious day with Maxine Mawhinney..."
harshy Founding member
LOL. you are funny!, that's twice on one day! Very Happy

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