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(July 2011)

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Sooo, you may remember some months ago I had a go at redoing BBC2's pres, retaining the idents but getting rid of everything else. If you've no idea what I'm talking about, you can view it o'er 'ere.

Hopefully, I'll find some time to go back and incorporate some of the helpful comments I received but in the interim I've decided to tackle a particular piece of current BBC2 presentation that riles enthusiasts/obsessives upon each of its mercifully infrequent appearances. I speak, of course, of the breakdown slide.

I refuse to believe that it would take someone a great deal of time or effort to mend what is a pretty hideous piece of design as is. I mean, fault captions, how hard can they be to **** up?...

On to the mock then. I started by going back to the template I developed for trails, etc. in the aforementioned mock. You'll notice the background now has a moving "spotlight gradient" (similar to what was used in the 07-09 package), the bars have been positioned next to the text and there's the addition of a new BBC Two logo.

Regarding the logo: yeah it's deeply unoriginal but you know what, it works. I've wittered on enough about the follies of the current branding system and an updated take on the '97 style is something I'd like to see the Beeb move towards with future rebrands.

As part of the mock, I wanted to try different ways to improve on the current breakdown set-up. People often moan about the announcers' constant need to mutter "This is BBC Two" every 20s or the godawful Ceefax music that now seems to be the default.

So the cheesy music's gone, replaced by the gentil sounds of waves crashing onto the shore. This should solve the issue of CA's forgetting/being unable to dip the volume to suitable levels before announcing and let's face it, people weren't sticking around for the music.

I then decided another section could be introduced to attempt to keep patient viewers at least mildly interested. My initial idea was to incorporate a BBC News scrolling ticker into the design, as so:


But there were a number of problems with this, the main ones being Avenir doesn't really make for a good "news" font and the lack of space available, with barely six words fitting on the ticker per scroll.

Perhaps this valuable real estate would be best utilised by BBC2 themselves then. Information relating to upcoming programmes might be useful, so the standout eight of the season are placed on a loop which kicks in 30s after the initial appearance of the slide. And if the announcers are in need of something to talk about other than the usual "we're trying to sort it out, but in the meantime...", they could always wax lyrical about Two's fantastic range of upcoming programmes.

Anyway, sorry if I've bored you, I just think its nice to share some of the development behind the ideas rather than bombarding you with screenshots. And without further ado, the video :

And grabs:

Feedback appreciated!
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I really like the idea of using upcoming programmes to make some use of the board. The positioning of things just seems a little incongruous with the rest of your (excellent) set!

But again, a million times better than we have.
Delightful, very fluid! The scrolling programme guide in particular is a nice touch.
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I don't believe it! - who are United Musicians, anyway?
Mike W
I don't believe it! - who are United Musicians, anyway?

they're something to do with Bucks Music Group, it might be a union!

EDIT: They claim copyright infringement on behalf of other artists! Kind of funny when they get people who make the music!
Thanks for staying with us, back and ever-so-slightly updated Wink:

Comes off a bit too busy, IMO. Drop the moving gradient in the background. Also maybe tidy up the rotating programming text - it's a little too close to the 2.

Without a moving gradient, you could consider leaving the Summer on Two text up. I like the idea of having It come in white, then fading into a darker color, like you have it now. Just don't have it disappear.
Wouldn't it be better to have musak than the sound of the sea? Sure it's calming but it's a bit bland to listen to.

Though it's admittedly better than UK Gold's running taps...
Mike W
I have been thinking; if this was used in a major powerfailure, how would the information update? Considering you'd be running a skeleton CTA/Playout area, it might just look plain, then again for a caption to be on air in a power failure is pretty impressive by beeb standards!

It is nice though.

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