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BBC Television Rebrand Project 2013/2014

(November 2013)

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Another point is... just because a channel's programming targeted to an older demographic, doesn't mean the design needs to **literally** reflect that. I mean take BBC4's logo you've come up with, you used Engravers MT, it screams old-fashioned and dated (in a bad way). Also BBC4 is a cultural channel, stuff that isn't mainstream.

Now take a look at channels with a similar demographic:

tweedledum Border (England) Look North (North East)
BBC Four, I feel needs something very simple, but also something quite creative. Maybe have a simple font and a creative theme for the idents
DTV Meridian (South) South Today

BBC1 - Rockwell - I think it reflects BBC soaps, the news and the other programming
BBC2 - Ubuntu - I actually thought BBC2 neeed a change in logo, and it's pretty relaxed like most of the lifestyle programming it has
BBC3 - Lithos Pro - This font looked "fun" and lots of BBC3 programming is fun (American Dad, Family Guy, etc.)
BBC4 - Engravers MT - History is also in fonts. Engravers MT looks historic so that's why I used it.
Now, obviously the DOG, idents and the ECP, they will look right. I reckon these will fit nicely with the promotions and online. They will look smaller.

BBC1 - How does it reflect BBC Soaps and the News it just looks odd and blocky.
BBC2 - Again How does it reflect the programming and also up until now you've basically said that using Gill Sans MT is good (although you've constantly used it in the wrong weight). BBC Two's primetime schedule is supposedly more serious than BBC One so why would they need a more relaxed font.
BBC 3 - Again your reasoning is flawed and illogical.
BBC 4 - It is a common misconception but BBC Four isn't a history channel but a more arty, high brow, cultural channel.

And that's just your reasoning. When doing something like this you need to do an entire package like Mdtauk, it would look weird with these logos lined up next to the BBC News Channels logo and other BBC logos. Your also saying that online it will be smaller - the BBC blocks will be invisible and tiny. This is the kind of thing I expect out of Microsoft Paint not

28 days later

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This is the kind of thing I expect out of Microsoft Paint not

Actually I could create something much better than this on Microsoft Paint. In my sleep.

14 days later

Michael Power World News
For ASO:
And also, I DID NOT WRITE THAT "expected from MS paint" Just a quote from someone

Anyway guys, sorry for the inactivity.
Just an update: I just got Photoshop and I will start doing mocks on there. I will do studies on photoshop every night before restarting this mock.
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Right - I just got the quote wrong (accidents happen) It was a quote from somebody else, you're right.

Anyway guys, sorry for the inactivity.

BTW I don't think you should be apologising for the inactivity - the mock was awful in every way. I hope you improve using photoshop but there is a lot to improve on.
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Another thing - I think you should stop putting stupid memes up, its annoying.

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ASO posted:
Another thing - I think you should stop putting stupid memes up, its annoying.

Not to mention, it is counterproductive.
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