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I think with BBC News and Parliament being red-ish, having BBC ONE as a different colour could really work for it. I've never liked the red colour scheme they adopted. It should be like BBC TWO where they have dropped a colour that is associated with the channel and let the other on screen look/elements speak for themselves.
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As (I guess) a Christmas present to you, here's the sting I created based off the "dotted UK map" that I had the idea of earlier. I also used the same colour as the BBC1 logo earlier which was part of the different designed logos.

I wanted to try and have each region build itself from the dots, but I found difficulty in some regions because they ended up finishing right as the dots began to float away. Of course, I do want to try and develop this idea more in having the UK map be one of the main focuses of the new BBC1 branding and potentially have the symbol be the main focus at the same time.
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