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UTV Newsline

Chill out mate.

"Moment", then.

But my point about the written word still stands. Wink
"Channel 5! The channel that brings you England goals!" -- Jonathan Pearce, 31 May 1997

On hiatus from 1 January 2019. Perhaps I take the drawbacks of the written word *too* seriously.
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It is admittedly partially my fault for being one of the people who took issue with All New Phil's comment, but as Luke doesn't deserve his mock thread to descend into people having an argument among themselves, I think it is only right that we move on now and talk about the mock once more.
Guess who's big in the back time.
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I want to rule off this small kerfuffle, so I've created a BBC One ident. This could be a package of different shots of the globe with an orchestral soundtrack.


Not really convinced on this design for the globe. I think I would re-create the old idents with an updated globe and different locations but effectively keep it the same. I do really like your BBC One logo and the design of the 'strap' that runs down the left of the screen though so perhaps you could incorporate this into a redesign?

As I've said before though, really like the style of this rebrand - keep up the good work Smile
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