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BBC Rebrand version 2

UpsettingGrass New member Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Your 1 has two parts, your 2 has three parts, your 3 has four parts and your 4 has, erm, three parts Confused Smile

The new 2 fits with the 1 and 4 much better now though, but with the side effect of making the three stick out like a sore thumb.

The 2 is a major improvement. But now the 3 sticks out from the others. It's not necessarily a bad thing but it would look more aesthetically pleasing if BBC Three was a 3 using the same pattern the others use.
Lynetwork Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
Love the new 2. That's all Very Happy

EDIT: actually that's not all - I don't hate the continued use of the Tricon for 3 and I think it technically fits, but as a lot of people are suggesting, I'd like to see your own take on a new icon for 3 (even if it incorporates the ! in it somewhere).
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Owen A Granada North West Today
Love this rebrand - think it brings much-needed clarity across the BBC’s channels. The 3 logo needs to be tackled now I think; I for one was never a fan of the II! look.
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NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East

This stinger would be for home media releases.
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BiggieSMLZ Granada North West Today
It’s slightly fine; The only thing I may suggest is also adding some color to BBC logo, to make it a little bit more consistent in color.

I also have one question: What about the other channels and brands (eg. BBC News, CBBC, etc.)?

Ahh, the joys of TV.
NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East
What colour would you actually suggest? I have no plans to add colour to the blocks themselves, and the animated logo has the colours of the old 1988 logo
AxG Yorkshire Look North (Yorkshire)
I like it how it is.
Personally, I'm not too keen on the audio you've used for the DVD sting. It feels child-like and doesn't really fit with the BBC. The visuals are fine though.

As for the rest of the mock I like the most recent adaptation you've designed but as others have said, you have the issue of the BBC Three being very different to the rest of the logos.
It looks like someone's bleached the Minions.
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UpsettingGrass New member Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I think it's fine as it is. Smile
Looking Glass West Country (West) Spotlight
I agree that the visuals are good, it’s simple, although it goes quite quickly. However I agree that the audio doesn’t quite match, it feels a bit more dated than the visual aspect. I think the tone itself is fine, is there anyway you can make it sound a bit lighter and more modern?
Brekkie Wales Wales Today
The 2 is clearly just the C5 logo reworked.
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NancerOnTheForum Anglia (East) Look East
The 2 is clearly just the C5 logo reworked.

Oh now what? First the 2 looks too out of place and now it looks like Channel 5?

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