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So I noticed the BBC has been kind of inconsistent in it's branding, though Reith is slowly but surely starting to break through. So I decided to mock up a few logos to bring some consistency to the brand. BBC1-4 are a similar concept: the BBC blocks with a coloured block next to them featuring the number of the channel in Reith inside of them. CBBC and CBeebies are a similar concept, but the block is moved to the first B. The C is implemented into the shape of the block, as with CBeebies. I don't have any ident concepts yet but I would like to hear some from you guys.

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I feel like I've seen this a dozen times over the years, adding an extra square to the logo and adding a numeral.

I accept you may not have, and think this is exciting and fresh – but I think we need to see a lot more than a few easy-to-make logos. Full-screen graphics, idents, menus, or even something like billboards, social media posts – I don't know. You can do anything , so take this starting point and run with it before sharing, I'd suggest.
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CBeebies' logo looks unprofessional. But as I say, CBeebies is the hardest channel to rebrand Wink . Both the CBBC and CBeebies logos in this mock both have the old 2010-2015 ''C'' used in CBBC.

0/5. Hope these are not made from PowerPoint though.
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