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Welp, it's been a while and I've decided to do this again.
I decided to do simple logos. I wanted to bring back the Lambie-Nairn era of "personality in the idents, not in the logos". BBC Culture is a rebranded BBC Four.
Endboards show consistency, but still look separate for the different channels.
Here is the menu:
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Honestly. It all looks too plain with the same style and font.
Also the Radio One logo doesn't really suit the station's target audience.
I know this is about consistency but I don't think this would suit the BBC at all as they'd rather have unique identities for every one of their brands. Sorry.
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It's okay, however:
• I'd think that the evenness between the BBC logo and the text is fine for some, but not so with short words like 'One' and 'Two', maybe try uppercase on all?
• Not really into recolouring the BBC logo to match the colour of the channel, it should really be used in the presentation or maybe just have the line in the appropriate colour?
• Not into having 'BBC Radio' then 'One' underneath, should really follow on, and also see my next bullet...
• Now I know the resolutions of TV is increasing, but I'd thing if you put the region name underneath at that size it would probably be unlegible, especially in SD.
• I find the endboards completely meh. yes they do look all the same, I do find DIN rather boring, and the colours a bit too dull.
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Certainly not good enough to be the final product but I think it's worth you looking at ways you can improve it and develop it. The biggest issue is in the form you have it the BBC logo does not work with the text part of the logos.
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It’s a good idea, but poor execution. I think the first problem is that the font you have chosen is in a very light weight. This means that it would be on the verge on unreadable on SD screens.

Also, your font is far too thin, and small words such as “One” look out of proportion against the bulky BBC logo. Use a font such as Century Gothic or Futura, because they are heavy, readable fonts. Plus, I would have the word “London” next to the “One”, because as I have already said, it would be illegible on SD.

For now it’s a 2/5, because it’s good some good ideas, but the execution is poor. This is definitely improvible though.
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I really like this rebrand! It needs lots of improvement, though. Could you try to do a test ident?
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Not bad, but what about BBC Three? It still exists.

Edit: Making the line thicker will improve, because I opened one of your endboards in paint.net, and the line didn’t show up.
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