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My vision for BBC One. (March 2020)

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Ne1L C
Its great to see people keeping busy.
Looking Glass
It reminds me of the old ITV4 concept on different elements coming together (at least I think it was ITV4). The idea is neat but I’m not a massive fan of the ‘1’, I feel like it isn’t strong enough to carry the brand on a relaunch. I also think the BBC logo needs to be integrated rather than in the corner to bring it altogether. Very nice concept though I can see this working!
Very promising and worth pursuing. I'd ignore all the criticism of the 1 font - the fact it is a bit ugly makes it more distinctive.
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rob Founding member
I can't really say anymore than what's been posted here, but I'd love to see this developed further.
Michael Power
Quick test of the numeral in Reith Sans Condensed (and also changed the layout of the endboard)
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Quick test of the numeral in Reith Sans Condensed (and also changed the layout of the endboard)


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Michael Power
quickly changed social media to something I'm more happy with:
I agree with most of what’s been said here. I think what this shows is that the way to go for BBC One is to go back to using the numeral 1, the word one is just so inflexible. BBC 1 just gives so much more flexibility when it comes to creating a cohesive brand for the channel across all platforms.
DVB Cornwall
This would work across all the channels with appropriate related yet contrasting visuals, Maybe with a Horizontal Split for some (CBeebies is the obvious one for that). Don't drop in here often, but I like this. The generic 'BBC' could perhaps be slightly larger too.

8 days later

Ne1L C
The background of rural and urban combined is incredible. (I'm assuming it was done with photoshop) but the "1" is unsuitable. But on the whole very promising.

57 days later

I'd use a different numeral, but not too shabby.
Not sure about the red

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