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Not too keen on the trailer endboard or Twitter logo, but very much liking what you have with the idents and would love to see that extended Smile
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Wanted to try out a new concept of BBC One, showing our #OneWorld with differing parts of the UK in idents and showing that we are all one.
Menu and Endboards
Social media

It's a good concept but it just looks quite dated and it just seems very UTV from 2009.

I also don't know how this brand would work on different content formats. The brand would probably work very well on TV but it needs to adapt well onto social media.
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I honestly like the idea, strangely I had this idea in mind for BBC One for quite a while but I never had any photography skills and I simply didn't want to steal anyone's photography for the sake of modification.

Regardless, I like the concept but I'm not really a fan of that '1'. It just feels more like a mobile operator font than the main BBC channel. I'd take the '1' idea and see what other things you could easily do. Pretty bold to push aside the BBC logo to only have focus on the symbol, even though the BBC logo in on the top left.

Do you even read these?
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Agree with others. Has promise, especially the idents.

Sorry, though, I must concur with others. That's a horrible font you've chosen and completely inappropriate for a 'serious' channel like BBC1. Maybe use a '1' in Reem and see how that looks? Or experiment with others?

Keep on, but seriously, ditch that font. It's one step up from Papyrus.
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Thanks for the nice words so far, everyone!

I'll experiment with the numeral, itself. It's a homemade numeral I made using Illustrator, as I did want to try and do something numeral. I'll try it out with Reith and other fonts, and maybe try to make more Illustrator numerals as well. Smile
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