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BBC One: Mock Short Idents

(August 2009)

Jonny Tyne Tees Look North (North East)
I think I'm right in saying that the general consensus regarding the recently re-edited BBC One idents is 'OK, but could have done better'. I would agree with this. On the one hand it can only be a good thing that the junctions have regained some oomph but on the other in order to achieve this the idents have been mindlessly butchered.

Many have also expressed their dislike of the new soundtracks. Would it have been possible to retain the original soundtracks regardless of how the idents now looked?

Well I've had a go at re-editing the original circles. In my edits, the BBC One logo always appears within 5 seconds of the commencement of the ident. Although this means the logo is absent for around 1-2 more seconds than in the current idents, it still appears a lot sooner than it did in the originals and more than soon enough to beat the 'logo failing to form' problem. However, unlike the current idents hopefully the stories will not have been lost.

I've also brought back, cut down and/or rearranged the original soundtracks.

Comments are more than welcome.

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fanoftv Central (West) Midlands Today
This is how it should have been done by BBC One.
The original music suits all of the idents better than the new versions, and the edits that you have made bring the form up to the front without ruining the ident. Dog display for example still has a few small bits of action before the form up.

My only criticism is that with some of them the music starts part way through which could be weird when preceded by a promo, as though the ident sound was being faded up.
Brilliant Jonny 5/5 Very Happy

I miss the old BBC One Music Sad
Critique Anglia (East) Look East
Brilliant! 5/5

Much better than the music they use now, like the old themes much better, especially the Neon/Ferris Wheel one.
623058: it just seems like your an mp3 whore
These idents are much better than the one on at the min. the only thing I say I think I like the new music for the football Ident and maybe Capes to.
Telly Media London London
Agree with everything said above. These are great, and a big improvment on the current set of edits, which I think cut to the end frame far too quickly, and so lack the variety and quirkyness which the full lengh idents used to have. Just goes to show they could have produced more interesting edits if they'd tried a bit harder.

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