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Neil Jones6,459 posts since 23 Dec 2001
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My idea was that watching BBC would make things more clear by the fact that everything besides the logo is blurred.

That sounds just like the sort of stuff they come out with on W1A.

With regards to your mock, um, I don't get it. This is a blurred time-lapse shot of Big Ben and the House of Parliament with some slightly off off-centre writing on it. What are you trying to do? Either blur the entire background and put the writing on top of the blur or don't blur the background and have a legible set of characters instead. Trying to be clever and mixing the two just generates a frosted glass effect that in this case doesn't really work.
ClarkNarvas (previously ClarkToasti) 101 posts since 8 Apr 2016
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So, I've read feedback on the previous and thought I might make a new idea for BBC one (and the rest of the BBC corporate logos). Not much to say really.
If it's not fit for BBC, it's always a good idea for other graphics like itv etc

Not consistent with any BBC channel, It just looks pretty but it doesn't work as an ident.
Newsroom24261 posts since 28 Jan 2017
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I like the effect of the picture showing through the text but that is, unfortunately, the only positive I can really take from it at the moment.

I'm sorry to say that I really don't like the logo, soundtrack and the overall feel of it - it looks like you've spent very little time thinking about this ident and is more like something you could come up within half an hour.

I would perhaps look at current idents and maybe base yours more off a current ident.