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I noticed that the BBC YouTube channel is using this style of thumbnail image on a lot of the videos posted recently


So I thought I'd update the mock which I posted last year with another what if - what if that design was used for programme holding slides?


This time I went a bit further with the code and used the GD library in PHP to produce the slides as 1920x1080px jpgs rather than assembling it in the browser using CSS.

I switched out the right border at the right hand edge to black as I think that will look better on screen. Moving the logo box to the bottom means it is less likely to obscure faces in the photos.


The font choice is not ideal, but as I obviously don't have access to Reith or the BBC One font, I figured I would stay retro.
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I love it, and the scripty-ness of it is great once again. I'm not sure I like that black bar though! I'd set the BBC logo in on the frame instead, but that's me Smile

The black bar is meant to be removed so it gives the illusion of the logo coming out the frame.
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