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Tantusar21 posts since 13 Oct 2013
BBC World
I keep half-expecting the logo to get wiped out by Africa the last time the globe goes around, and apart from the disappointment when it doesn't, this is a masterpiece.

The one thing that I would consider in the nature one is the speed of the globe. It looks to be going a little fast to me, but maybe this is because the textures resemble the earth more so that the alternatives.

Agreed. The speed works just fine on the "red planet" idents, promos etc. but it seems unnatural when you use the satellite imagery.
Of course, what do I know? I'm an Aussie.
tomo359911 posts since 18 Oct 2009
Border (England)
Love this one Pip. That would be perfect for nature documentaries etc.

I know they will probably just get put aside or even ignored, but you should consider sending these to BBC, much better than anything Red Bee has produced.
tmorgan96360 posts since 6 Jan 2012
BBC World
Excellent. Even though some people insist that the globes were symbolic of British imperialistic ambitions and are dated because of it, I really do agree that these idents actually still work in the modern context. They also seem much more distinctive and high-brow than the current circle idents, which is probably a good thing. At a time when the BBC is being criticised for being 'too mainstream' and crowding out the market (which I disagree with), these idents could work at raising the BBC's image of providing quality programming.