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BBC ONE Clock 1997

Forming the Basis for BBC ONE Australia (March 2011)

Jimmyson World News
In my quest for designing the 1999 Era BBC for Australia, I have just completed the clock....
Here is a sample time. Of course a 12-hour clock. I wonder if there were ever plans for a 24-hour clock?

Took my an hour to do, then I forgot to save. Whipped it up again in under 30 minutes.

This is BBC ONE in Australia, now the BBC News with Hew Edwards in London and Tony Eastly in Sydney. It's 6 O'clock

Rare to see this....

EDIT: YIKES, Looks like PNG can't hold the PAL Widescreen Pixel Ratio.... Crying or Very sad
remlap Wales Wales Today
Why can't you just resize it to 1024x576?

Great job anyway Smile
Mike W London London
I can't say I am fond of this because really, the clock is the only element you have made, the rest other people have put on the web for you. But it does look nice, however that's how the BBC/MLN designed it back in 1997

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