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Expanding on Xmas 2017 in a 'Oneness'-less future (March 2018)

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I think we all agree that Christmas 2017 shown how nice presentation could be for BBC One. The music, animation, the feel of just having charming idents with a decent soundtrack which nowadays seems such a novelty.

So I thought what could BBC One do to maintain the 'cheap' aspect of current Oneness (given that the BBC is cost cutting) yet still retain the best bits of its identity should it relaunch.
I think we all agree the current idents of people staring at the camera in complete silence like we have currently is... well... awful. And I don't think it would be too hard to drastically change it to something popular with the viewer.

The concept I came up with was shots of landmarks across Britain. It would be relatively cheap/easy to shoot by just flying a drone up in the sky, and scenery and landscape shots are very visually stimulating for the viewer. Just look at the Balloons look in 1997 and even the 'Night Sky' ident in Christmas 2017 which were both very popular.

I've retained the Symphony soundtrack. It worked really well at Christmas and could work all year round as it's not particularly Christmassy. It contains an identity with its 9 note identifying symbol, and contains different variants of this within the soundtrack. Might cost the BBC a lot for them to licence it for their idents long term but I'll let them worry about that.

I've gone for a new logo as the current one is really getting on a bit. And I've retained it's red identity as you will see.

It's not perfect, indeed I can see the text flying about a bit which is a strange glitch that I'll try to see if I can fix. Simplicity is the overall aim here.

And none of the shots used are my own and I take no credit for them. Credits are provided at the end of the video.

I like the concept, but I don't like how the ONE is big. Maybe a little smaller and it'd probably be fine.
RDJ posted:
as the current one is really getting on a bit.

Not as much as yours!

Nice concept though, but would get quite boring quite quickly.
I think it looks quite good. The music would get quite annoying tho. It also reminds me of the Channel 4 Idents from 1999 for some reason
Pleasant enough, but I'm not sure that nice aerial shots of Britain is a strong enough concept on its own for BBC One. It's basically the balloon idents but without the balloon.

Something like this could have been a nice evolution for UTV's presentation had they not been bought by ITV.

I'm also not keen on the red drop-shadow on the logo though. Looks a bit cheap IMO.
Reminds me of UTV (pre-ITV takeover).. does the job but nothing special about it. The 'ONE' logo and the form up, I'm not a fan.
Overall, I like the concept and I agree that these types of shots make for nice viewing - you've created some decent idents!

The logo you've created and the text explaining the location of the shot is the weakest thing about it for me, it looks quite dated to me. I personally don't think there is anything wrong with the current logo but if you were going to try and create another one I would avoid using a shadow effect (it appears dated to me). I would probably use a different transition as to me it should be subtle and yours is a little too obvious. In terms of the positioning of the logo, I would probably move it to the bottom-centre and make it quite a bit smaller.

I wouldn't use symphony, I didn't really like it at Christmas and I think a different soundtrack that would work better with the clip would be more suitable.

My final point would be that while I really quite like these idents and the concept, I wonder whether it lacks uniqueness.

That said, I like the overall concept and what you have done - 4/5
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It wouldn't cost to licence. The BBC has blanket agreements with record labels.
Honestly, boring suits the BBC. I don't know why idents have to be flashy or loud. Television should be a place to get away from the frenetic pace of everyday life, rather than necessarily reflect it.

To that end, I quite like the idea. It really does suit the BBC's role in 2018 - to reflect and portray Britain; speak peace unto nation etc etc. We all look back at the balloons era with certain nostalgia but what made the look timeless was how calm and understated it was. Something like that isn't necessarily outdated in 2018.
what posted:
It wouldn't cost to licence. The BBC has blanket agreements with record labels.

I don't believe that agreement would apply to something used as often as an ident soundtrack, especially with a modern pop song. Remember both BBC Two and BBC Three have lost recognisable music tracks after set periods of use.
Better than Oneness, though whether that should be seen as a compliment I don't know. Would be good to see them with a different track, but the biggest problem here is the logo - you've replaced one that works well with something that doesn't, plus there isn't much thought in it's placing within the idents - works on some, but not others.

Really do like the idea though - yes, it's simple but it works and it represents Britain far more than people standing at camera. I also like the idea of the ident music being rather upbeat rather than arty - it kind of makes them stand out.

Would be nice to see you develop these, starting with a change to the logo.
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So I've taken on your feedback and made some amendments. The main amendments with the logo I've made is removing the red and also changing the transition to be more subtle. I've also not gone for the bold version as before in some, which considering I'm using Avenir means this is now the same as the BBC Two logo, which I actually personally don't mind apart from that horrid box (unless you're in NI).

I've done four different versions this time:
- The first one is the same as before but slightly smaller with the lessened weight on the 'One'. I'm not sure I'm keen on it myself.
- The second version is bringing it to line to reflect how it is now. All kept much smaller and located within the centre bottom of the screen. I've kept the lessened weight 'One' for this one.
- The third is the same as the second but with the bolder logo as before.
- And the fourth is keeping it exactly how it is in the oneness idents with the current logo. Except minus the horrible oneness tagline.

And sorry for the slight glitches in the video. At least it's not the text this time.

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