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I've been working on this design for about while now so I thought I'd upload it, although with Newsline adopting a new set only last year so it would be unlikely that they'd opt for a W1 style one just yet I decided to have a go at a Set for Newsline which has a Floor Area the same as Pacific Quay Studio C which I took to be 18 x 10m. I have obeyed the studio parameters with at least a metre behind the set on all 4 sides. To my knowledge the Studio has no obstacles like Reporting Scotland so here it is in a 360 degrees form.
Sorry about the watermarks but I only got the trial version for now, if it doesn't open you will have to download it and open it via Adobe Flash Player Sorry.
Renders to come soon, I just want to get some feedback first as my renderers takes ages.
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As always there are no curves in your mocks - the rostrum isn't circular, it's an 18 sided shape, and it shows. Also, I find the presence of three screens that seem to be floating on the side of the wall a bit odd, and really it just doesn't look up to the new higher* standards of studio mocks on this forum.

The dimensions are vague (I've never heard anything about the size of Newsline's studio and wouldn't initially think it's the same size as Scotland's), the render is non-existant, and it doesn't look like it's had the time or effort poured into it that dg6's mock benefits from.

And as for the lights...

*see dg6.
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