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BBC News 2019 - now with titles, stings and astons

Giving that pulsing-globe a refresh (April 2019)

Mike W London London
Like these, but really don't like the BBC News Box, it's too big and seems like wasted space.

Good effort!
I like a lot of this, though it does feel a bit 'boxy'. I wonder if a gap is essential in all cases. For instance, the 'topic' box to the right of the ticker could be removed as I think it makes grammatical sense to do that as they're all a single element, really. Does that make sense?

Overall, though, very nice.
Jamesypoo Anglia (East) Look East
The idea is good but I think execution could do with some further thought. For example on the BBC One/Breakfast designs everything looks a bit too far over to the right as you don't have the DOG to balance it out.
This is a really good mock. The aston animations are good. And I like the breaking news mock and the sting. Though need a bit more work to smooth it out, I think the idea is good. Adds a bit of life to a fairly basic looking graphics they use now. But i like it.
One slight criticism is that this feels almost similar to what is on screen now. The jittery spinning globe and red and white. I wonder if someone can do something different than just make slight tinkers to the existing graphics.
But well done to what you accomplished. We all know that BBC will only tinker when comes to their graphics, so this would be a nice progression of the existing look.
I'm here to give you something to talk about! You're Welcome.
richard h
Love this!. The animations look great and I like how the rings are constantly moving in the background of the straps. The rings wiping the next lot of text on too adds a little bit more to it rather than the text just wiping on its own.

Little details such as the current time in the background on the wipes. The exploding breaking news graphic would definately catch the eye and I like the little breaking news's moving about in the background of the strap too. A rarity in the mocks forum is that you have lined up graphics perfectly with the live location bugs at the same position as the clock and ticker start. The way the breakng news, 6, GMT etc box is lined up perfectly and the same width as the headlines, breaking box on the ticker and the gaps between each graphical element are the same except for the gap between the ticker and main strap are all good attention to detail.

Something that reminds me of the old BBC News 24 is having that hours stories floating about in the background just like how they used to have the top story going across the globe. Again this adds something extra and makes each TOTH and end of the hour different which when you have seen it hundreds of times can become a bit boring but these little touches keep it fresh

I'm not usually a fan of wasting space on a strap with a box showing the programme name but I think on this occasion it looks nice and fits in and crucially doesn't reduce the amount of text that can be displayed by much so there should not be any need to squish it or abbreviate words like American networks do when their programme name box takes up half the screen space which I think looks awful and is not practice to reduce the info space to such a tiny amount

The only thing I don't like is that there are no graphics for the headlines, If someone has the TV muted you then have to try and guess what the story is relating to so id add headline straps back in to the TOTH sequence
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