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The Nine style was what I was expecting from the relaunch instead of a annoying white bar flipper on the NC. Bar what has already been mentioned about the use of the BBC One logo on Breakfast and 'The One', the execution is outstanding.

I do think the News Channel and possibly the regions kind of scuppered the chances of the Nine style being rolled out.

Although the text with no background works really well for astons for names and locations I don't think it works that well for continuous story information, and nowadays as there seems to be an aversion to having a screen with no on-screen junk present for a news channel that is a problem. So step one there is introduce the translucent background.

The next element of course is the box - works superbly for just the BBC News logo and selected other branding too - but when it comes to longer programme names a choice had to be made about having them small scale within the box or just using the BBC News logo throughout - or failing all that amending the design so the box could grow to be big enough for the branding. And that is where we are.
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Hi, a little update...

This doesn't really concern the graphics side of things, however I've been working a bit on the regional news side, and was thinking about the studios of those who still have the older style TVC sets. So I wanted to try and create a consistent style set in line with NBH, mine is based in Hull's studio, I don't have exact dimensions for the studio space, so I've gone by eye through a few behind the scenes videos ( https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1218387841582158&id=118450564909230&refsrc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.co.uk%2F&_rdr ), I feel it would just fit, originally I made the desk a bit too small, so I enlarged it (it would have been way too big considering I was able to also fit a sofa in as well), I'd say the scale is close, as I think the Hull studio is larger than you think, and if you think my design is a bit big, then it would most likely be easily fixed through enlarging the desk again...

The main inspiration comes from Spotlight's set in Plymouth as I liked the idea of having a printed backdrop, so I opted for the view of Queen's Gardens as roughly seen from the newsroom, and as with Plymouth, the backdrop would be able to be altered with light to switch it to nighttime (I'll apologise for the quality of the backdrop since I couldn't find a great quality picture from the angle I wanted). The other side of the set has three screens making up a 'catwalk' with a Studio B style backing filling the space (the graphics on the three screens are inspired by North West Tonight's backdrop, and would subtly animate in the same way). The two areas are separated by a bigger screen, similar to the size of the current one.

Desk Area/Main Wide Shot
Over the Shoulder/Main Screen
Other Screen/DTL/Weather Screen
Big Screen
Catwalk Wide Shot
Catwalk Close Up
and one showing the overall size...

And the same angles, but altered with BBC Sport branding for sport sections and scores...

Hope you like these, and while this isn't exactly related to the main topic of The Nine branding, I'm working on the regional news side of the graphics, so I plan to make two videos for Look North, one with the actual recorded footage I captured, and the other using shots from my studio, along with a few other regions 'Nined'.
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