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pad3,170 posts since 12 Feb 2005
Find BBC News graphics very bland and dull. This is a brief idea for improving it.

Would use mix of full width and adaptive straps.

Breaking News:


Name tag:

Smooth animation of the strap collapsing and expanding for name tags and (back) to the main news strap view, seen below...

Other graphics (used where necessary)
pad3,170 posts since 12 Feb 2005
I'll do another version with larger ticker, as the more I look at it the more it's annoying me and you're right, on SD screens it'd be too small. I do like the overall concept though as it's not too far removed from what we have now just shakes off that outdated feel. Plus also wanted to incorporate some of the old BBC News 24 style.
BudnP20138 posts since 11 Sep 2016
London London
Relaunch BBC One and Two before News I say!

That's true. I think BBC 1, especially, needs a rebrand. We've had these circles for years now and I'm starting to get a bit bored of them. Bring back the globe.